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Sundance Dashboard

Interface Design for the Sundance Film Festival.

The annual Sundance Film Festival is the largest independent film festival in the US. Due to its size, this international event involves many professionals and employees. It requires outstanding organization and intuitive interaction to create order and harmony. 

Collaboration with Shilat Kikayon

Our interface design focuses on the Awards Ceremony for Film Makers during the festival. It allows complete control over all that happens on stage during the ceremony.

The brief required the design and planning of a dashboard for the event. Several windows show sound screens, ready-made events, lighting, and a live stage view. In a preview window, the user views events occurring live.


main dashbord.jpg

Music, lighting and video art may vary according to events on stage. These include winner announcements, and participants getting on and off stage. Our prototype focuses on a specific usage scenario of the lighting window with two tabs:

Tab #1: Controls and monitors general lighting in the hall.

Tab #2: Controls and monitors the spotlight. A circle is dragged on a hall diagram, showing the user where to direct the spotlight.

The choice of colors stems from the context of the world of cinema. And cinematic colors and the need for Dark Mode arise from dark lighting in movie theaters.

The second phase of the brief included designing a virtual invitation to the festival. The invitation allows the user an interactive experience, in which he selects his favorite films from a collection of iconic films from all genres, when at the end he is told which film he should watch at the upcoming festival according to the choices he has made.

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