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Burger Guide

Designing a mobile e-book - This project’s brief asked to create a visual concept that conveys a message in order to give a visual representation of the book’s content. This included creating a grid, choosing typographic elements, organizing visual materials and textures, and combining them in the right formula.

As a sworn hamburger lover, and still as of today there are no guide books that can recommend good hamburgers in Israel, I decided to make one of my own. From the north to the south, packed with suggestions for the best and craziest burger restaurants.

The texts and recommendations are based on those from the facebook group “The Israel Hamburger Community”, in which

here is a plethora of information, but also uncatalogued and

easy to get lost in.

It was important for me to create a trustworthy guide with honest

and professional recommendations, while also stimulating the

palate with titillating visuals.

X - 1.jpg

The screen shows the hamburger restaurant menu, including prices.


The restaurant screen displays information about the place, including the outstanding hamburger we can find there.

tel aviv.jpg

Page with vertical scrolling. Clicking on an image will allow us to see a preview of the place that includes information about parking, available tables in the restaurant and what the place excels at.


The main screen - allows selection according to regions in the country. Each area displays the selected cities that have the best hamburger restaurants.

מסך פתיחה.jpg

An opening screen -showing in the background a jeep with the logos of the hamburger restaurants shown in the guide.

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