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A True Utopia

The project was done during the International Design week at HIT.

This is a short video that visually conveys the concept of philosophical ideas that are considered to be utopian, as actually very flawed.

The video is based on a number of cinematic creations based upon

utopian and dystopian ideas.

I chose the series “The Handmaid’s Tale”, which is set in the dystopian and totalitarian Republic of Gilead, which sets reproduction as its highest priority. Reproduction is possible because of women in sexual slavery that are used as concubines by the Gilead’s commanders, most of whom suffer from infertility.

The concept - A production line of the babies of Gilead, that shows itself to be part of a much bigger machine of the regime. I chose an illustrative and vectorial language that conveys the exact opposite of the dark and principles of Gilead, a language that legitimizes Gilead’s injustices by painting it as clean. Bright red is used to identify with the serie’s wide use of the color.

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