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Still Alice Interactive Movie Website

Interactive site for the film “Still Alice” (2014)

The purpose of the site is to bring the viewer into the world and feelings the film builds upon, and bring the viewer to watch the film, with the supporting visual language and graphic elements.

The movie is about Alice, a professor to linguistics in New York City, who is diagnosed at the age of 50 with Alzheimer’s. As the movie moves forward, her symptoms get worse until she loses all sense of herself and struggles to do basic things. Throughout the movie, strong feelings of empathy, sadness, pity and frustration come up. These are the feelings I wanted to convey.

The site that I created contains information about the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, which are explained through Alice’s experiences throughout

the movie. The site’s menu sits on sticky notes - a gentle visual tool

commonly used by the Alzheimer patients to remember things.

In every category, the user can try to experience the respective symptom by clicking the button “How does it feel?”. By clicking on said button, the user is moved to a screen that tries to simulate the symptom by using disarranged, blurry and eligible typography.

Because the movie isn’t very graphic visually, the visual concept and design system needed to rely mainly on thoughts and feelings that Alice goes through while dealing with her disease. The site needs to make the user identify as powerfully with Alice as they did with her while watching the movie.

The main goal of the site is to translate the symptoms of Alzheimer’s that Alice goes through into a clear visual experience that people who are not sick with the disease can understand.

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