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An Interactive Digital Comic Book Story / Final Project - Fourth Year

Israel is a country where interpersonal boundaries are constantly crossed. And quite often, those who’ve chosen or found themselves living without a relationship, are forced to explain, apologize, or defend their way of life.


My comic presents an extroverted and humorous personal angle taken from personal situations and life experiences. It proves that despite everything, there are numerous benefits to living alone.

The comic is programmed with the goal of creating an intimate, personal and interactive experience for the viewer, who can actively participate in the story and control it -

The comic is built on two axes, the x-axis and the y-axis.

The x-axis presents a linear plot line and the y-axis allows a deeper delve into certain scenes. 

In addition, interactive elements invite an in-depth study of the content. Activating them, creates more content emphasis.

The frames consist of photographs I directed. They were created using the tracing method.


The project is guided by Prof. Tamir Sheffer

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